A very short break!

A very short break!
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Ell 27th Mar 2020, 9:30 AM

Hi folks, I'm taking a break this week in order to catch up - what with everything that's going on, it's been very difficult to focus on personal projects, and unfortunately Galdr has suffered for it! There will definitely be a page for you next week, and with any luck I will find a way to get back into a more regular workflow after that so there won't be any more delays.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this amazing commission of Mauve by Letty Wilson! Their comic, Owl People, is Extremely Cool(tm) - go and marvel at the amazing inks!

Letty is also open for commissions right now, have a gander here and treat yourself!

I hope everyone is being responsible, staying in as much as possible and practicing social distancing! This is a tough time so we all need to support each other through it. See you next week, look after yourselves!

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