Chapter 2, page 14

Chapter 2, page 14
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Ell 20th Mar 2020, 9:30 AM

Hi folks, I just wanted to check in and send my love to everybody in this weird time!
After having to cancel a trip I'd been looking forward to for ages, and having to stay home with all this worry and uncertainty in the air, (I am meant to be getting married in May...) I've been finding it very hard to focus on my personal projects, and I've fallen behind a bit with pages. I'm considering taking a break from updating for a week or two just to catch up, but I'll see how I go! It's a tricky one because I'd really like to keep updating - we all need stories and comics right now - but I may also just need a little bit of time to get back into things so I'm not rushing out shoddy pages. I hope you can understand!
If I don't update with a comic page, I'd like to give you SOME kind of content, even if it's just a wee sketch or lore chunk or something. So if you have any questions or things you'd like to see, be sure to comment!
Meanwhile, stay safe, don't go out if you can help it, and be good to yourselves!

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